Customizable PowerPoint Shortcut Keys feature in PPT Productivity

"Customizable shortcut keys" is a feature that enables you to set custom shortcut keys for 800+ PowerPoint commands.  For those born before the heady days of the internet, yes we're talking about hotkeys ;)

The Customizable PowerPoint Shortcut Keys feature is available in our free trial and for all Power Tools subscribers. Standard PowerPoint does not offer the ability to customize shortcut keys or to add shortcut keys for other functions, but PPT Productivity add-in for PowerPoint gives you this ability.

Why use Shortcut Keys in PowerPoint?

Mouse ninjas may not have noticed yet, but the fastest way to do high frequency activities in PowerPoint is via shortcut keys (e.g. CTRL + C to cut).  However:

  • Learning Microsoft's default PowerPoint shortcut keys takes time as they are often not intuitive (e.g. inserting a picture is ALT+N,P)
  • Not all standard commands have shortcut keys assigned

PPT Productivity's customizable shortcut keys feature lets you choose what you want your shortcuts to be. You can choose shortcut key combinations for the PPT Productivity features and for almost all other standard PowerPoint commands.  There are mini video tutorials if you'd like to see our shortcut keys feature in action or jump straight to it and download the free 30 day trial! You can mouse-over any PPT Productivity feature to recall what your shortcuts are plus print a cheat sheet to help you learn your customized keys!

PowerPoint advanced shortcut keys

While most PowerPoint users quickly remember common basic shortcut keys such as the CTRL + C and CTRL + V, customizable shortcut keys make it easier for you by letting you assign intuitive shortcuts. Great examples of this might include using letters relevant to your language.

Intuitive shortcuts can really speed up both common and less frequent tasks as they make it so much easier to recall the shortcut.  Our founder Scott's personal favorite is to use CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+ (arrow key) to insert a column or a row in a table (e.g. CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+ up arrow = new row above cursor position, CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+ down arrow = add new row below cursor position and side arrows for columns...).

Are PowerPoint Shortcut Keys the same as PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts?

Yes - there are a few interchangeable terms that are used including ppt shortcuts, ppt keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys for PowerPoint. But they're all talking about the same thing, which is executing PowerPoint commands using a keyboard rather than a mouse.

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If you're a McKinsey Alumni - we're happy to let you know we have made a pre-configured set of McKinsey Marvin shortcut keys available in PPT Productivity.

Reach out if you have any questions and please let us know what you think - we're always keen to get feedback (and we're happy to add suggestions to our road-map)! 

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