Bullets and paragraph styles

Apply PowerPoint paragraph styles/bullets/indents like styles in 'Word'

Save up to nine list level styles

Do you wish PowerPoint's paragraph styles worked like Word - save a style and reapply it any time? Or maybe you'd like to apply formatting styles using PowerPoint's Indent function with its Alt+Shift+Left/Right Arrow shortcuts?

The bullet styles can automatically be rearranged to the styles pre-set in your Slide Master, so you can use this straight out of the box - no customization necessary!

Use the nine levels to save multiple style sets:
  • Save levels 1 to 3 for one set of styles
  • Levels 4-6 in the second set, and
  • Levels 7-9 in the third set
  • Apply Bullets

    Once you've saved your bullets, you can quickly assign any paragraph the bullet list style format saved.

    Click on the paragraph number saved in the Bullets group to all attributes of the style, including, font, size, margins, bullets, color, indent and more.

    Override PowerPoint's Indent Increase/Decrease to apply your own list level styles

    Click the Override Indents button on PPT Productuvity's Bullets group to override PowerPoint's Indent Increase and Indent Decrease functions.

    Now each time you click Increase Indent or Decrease Indent for a list level in any shape, it will apply the all the list levels style attributes you saved, rather than just increase or decrease the paragraph indent spacing

    With Indent Override turned on, use PowerPoint's standard shortcut keys to apply your list level style attributes:
  • Shift+Alt+Right arrow: Increase Indent
  • Shift+Alt+Left arrow: Decrease Indent
  • Reset Bullets

    To reset and remove saved bullets, click the Reset button in the Bullets group.

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