Can I use Windows 365 to run PPT Productivity on a Mac?

Microsoft have recently released Windows 365, which is a new virtual machine in the cloud solution. Windows 365 literally lets you run a virtual PC in the cloud - which means you can run the virtual PC from a Macbook, iPad or iPhone.

PPT Productivity are working on a version for Mac, but the challenge is that PowerPoint for Mac is designed very differently to PC based PowerPoint, so not all features are possible. In the interim, it is possible to run PPT Productivity on a Mac via a virtual machine install. We've written a step by step guide to doing this using Parallel Desktop for Mac. Windows 365 is another option now available (although at time of writing Windows 365 seems to be limited to Enterprise and Business customers).

How do I install PPT Productivity on a Mac via Windows 365?

Following is a step by step guide to installing PPT Productivity on a Mac in Windows 365Desktop. Note - this guide starts with the scenario where a Mac user doesn't have Windows 365 installed. If you're already running Windows 365 on your Mac with MS Office, you can skip ahead to Step 2.

Also - it's important to note that Windows 365 is a cloud based virtual machine offering, so this option is only viable if you have a reasonably fast internet connection! If you need to work offline or with lower internet speeds, we recommend instead looking at Parallel Desktop for Mac.

Step 1: Signup for Windows 365 on your Mac

Start by signing up for Windows 365. If you're in a large organization then you probably should hand this step over to your IT team, but for freelancers and smaller organizations you can find Windows 365 pricing and signup on the Microsoft website.

Step 2: Install/ activate a MS Office license

Windows 365 comes ready with a "full stack" available, but Microsoft Office is not included in the Windows 365 license as it's a separate purchase. Once you have completed your login/ set up of Windows 365, you have a Microsoft Office license key and you're running an active Windows 365 session, you're ready to download PPT Productivity!

Step 2: Install PPT Productivity

Note that because you will be installing PPT Productivity to your virtual cloud machine (not your local machine), the experience is slightly different.

Once you have your Windows 365 session running, If you already have to find the browser in your virtual CP, look at the bottom toolbar on your Mac and you should see a Windows logo. Simply open the browser (which by default will be Microsoft Edge), then navigate to either of the following:

For 32 bit Versions of MS Office: /install/setup32

For 64 bit Versions of MS Office: /setup64

Once your download is complete, you need to run the installer. If you're not familiar with how Macs display downloads (even downloads via a browser on a PC virtual machine!), it's a little different to PCs. The download will appear in the top right hand corner of your browser if you click the button with the arrow pointing downward (please refer to the screenshot below for reference - the installer file is circled in the screenshot).

Once you click on the ppt_productivity_setup.exe file, you will see a popup prompting you to install. Click the install button and the PPT Productivity installer will commence.

Thoughts re Windows 365 vs Parallel Desktop for running PPT Productivity on Mac

After doing the full install process and using PPT Productivity via both Windows 365 and Parallels Desktop for Mac, we definitely prefer and recommend the Parallels Desktop solution. As noted above - if you're interested to learn more about Parallels Desktop, please read our step by step guide to using PPT Productivity on a Mac with Parallel Desktop for Mac. The Parallels user experience is much faster given the Windows 365 solution is cloud based (although it should be noted that if you're on super fast broadband, perhaps both solutions might be equivalent). Windows 365 sessions on the Mac looked slightly pixelated (during our testing) and there was a slight lag or delay in commands (for standard PowerPoint commands - this was not specific to PPT Productivity).

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