Lock and unlock PowerPoint shapes, images and tables

How to lock PowerPoint shapes

PowerPoint shapes, tables and images can't be locked by standard PowerPoint, but they can with PPT Productivity

Our PowerPoint Shape Locker allow you to lock any shape, object or placeholder on a slide. 'Locking' the object prevents you (or others!) from accidentally moving it

You can also lock shapes to your Master Slide layout, prevening them from accidentally moving, removing or editing the shape. For example, to make sure the copyright text appears on all slides in a presentation, you can add this to the master slide and lock it into position

Shape locking works for all users of the slide, even if they don't have PPT Productivity installed

To allow text editting after the shape is locked, use a textbox. If you want the shape and its text to be locked, convert your textbox to a table or just insert a 1x1 table.

How to unlock PowerPoint shapes

Shapes locked in your PowerPoint presentation can be unlocked using PPT Productivity Power Tools

Select the slide/s containing the locked shape(s) you need to unlock, then click 'Unlock shapes' (Found beneath the Lock Shape icon on the PPT Productivity Ribbon)

The file will close momentarily and reopen, so make sure you've saved it first, and to a local drive. Previously locked shapes will be unlocked and can be moved and edited like any other shape or image.

You need PPT Productivity installed to unlock locked PowerPoint shapes.

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