Edit Shapes

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 100+ time saving features. Edit Shapes features let you quickly make shapes shape height and width and copy / paste an object location to 'hammer' it into the same place on multiple slides. Plus resizing features and more.

Apply color

Color Palette Toolbar makes all color changes one-click-away easy in PowerPoint.

PPT Productivity includes a Color Toolbar to save you time when creating or editing your PowerPoint presentations.

By default, the Color toolbar is populated with PowerPoint's standard colors plus the color scheme from the theme or template of your open document. The toolbar includes shortcut buttons to quickly apply text, shape fill and shape outline color.

You can customize the toolbar to add colors, drag and drop to reorder the display of colors, and delete unwanted colors. You can also export and import your palette - perfect for sharing with colleagues!

To apply a color using the toolbar, simply select the font or shape you need to change on your slide and select the relevant color from the toolbar

Productivity Tip

Use the eyedropper feature at the bottom of the Color Palette Toolbar to quickly select and add a new color to your palette, ready for easy reuse. Great when trying to match a color from a logo or pdf when you do not have access to look up the RGB values.


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