Do things you never thought were possible - including Paste Excel/CSV/HTML to PowerPoint without formatting, and Group/ungroup PPT tables to/from textboxes

Create a table from scratch, or convert it from a text box. Then, add extra columns while keeping the table’s width, distribute column widths, or use our “auto fit columns” function to find the optimum column widths.

Once you have the table and data set up, quickly format it, using Express Layout, or our column gaps, row gaps or stripe functions.

Finally, if you don't like a table and wish it were textboxes instead, just convert it (i.e. ungroup) to textboxes. Changed your mind? Then convert it back from textboxes to a table. Or paste from Excel without formatting.

These and other features below!

Paste Excel or any CSV data without formatting

Paste data in table format without applying any other source formats. Data may be from Excel/HTML/CSV (comma, tab, or semicolon separated data).

Clipboard data is added to the selected table at the selected cell, so if required, table rows/columns are added to fit the data. If a subset of table cells are selected, data is only updated in those cells. If no table is selected, a new table is created in the default table style.

Once you have copied your data, click on the Ribbon menu to paste, or Right-click on a slide or within an existing table to access the special paste from Excel/HTML/CSV commands

Paste any type of table data from the clipboard - HTML, CSV, tab separated, semi-colon - or Ctrl+click to specify any other delimiter you want.

Deconstruct/ungroup a table into individual shapes

Deconstruct each row and column cell of a PowerPoint table into separate textbox shapes, maintaining formatting and size. Great if you've been given a table and then need to format as individual shapes, or quickly create a slide packed full of squares or rectangles.

Select multiple tables on a slide to convert all tables at once

Construct/group shapes to create a table

Construct, or group, a set of shapes together to change from individual textboxes to a table, maintaining formatting and shape size. Great if you've got a slide full of textboxes, but then realize it would be better and easier to manipulate as a table.

Select a slide and shapes will be automatically grouped together in tables(s) in that slide. Select multiple slides and all shapes on selected slides will become tables.

Convert text to table

Save time when you paste text into a slide by auto-converting it to a table. Choose the delimeter and formatting actions and your table will appear!

Autofit columns

A magic button that modifies each column width to optimize the table and fit your rows to create the smallest height table possible.

Center a table

Move the table into the center (horizontally) of the slide

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