Unique features to manage slide based actions

Send selected slides as PPT or PDF attachment

Opens a new email message, attaches your currently selected slides as an attachment, ready for you to add the recipient and send.

Send a set of slides by Ctrl-clicking them in the slide selector first

Tag Slides

Tag selected slide(s)

Tag slide: Toggle the current filename and slide number tag 'stamp' to track where slides have moved in this or other files. Slides can be tagged in one selection or multiple selections to allow you to add to the existing tags in a presentation (or even if you reopen the presentation

Select tagged slides: Select all tagged slides to easily cut, copy or save slides elsewhere while remembering where they were from.

Use to identify which slides you wish to use with Send Selected Slides or just copy and paste to another presentation. To turn off the tags before you send or copy, click the Tag Slide button again to remove tags from selected slides.

Ctrl+click Tag Slide to add the full folder path, rather than just the filename


Paste clipboard content as picture of miniature slide(s). Pictures are arranged in an auto-sized Tile layout (or Cascade layout if CTRL-click), based on the number of slides on the clipboard.

Note: When pasting multiple slides, this file's slide design will be used.

To replace the current selected shape, CTRL-click to overwrite without prompting.

Summary Slide

Create a slide with a summary of your selected page titles, or all of them, to ensure your storyline makes sense. Use as a table of contents or as the basis of an executive summary

To select all slides, Ctrl-A in the slide selector.

Format Slide Title

Ensures a consistent format of slide titles

Change the slide title to a standard font size and boldness title, with different settings available for the second sentence (ideal for subtitles with a smaller font).

Applies to the current slide, or multiple slides if more than one is selected

To configure your default settings, go to the PPT Productivity tab > Settings > Format Title, and set your desired font size and bold settings for the first and remaining sentence in a slide title.

Ctrl+click to also remove other formatting such as italics or underline and convert to Sentence case

No Fly Zone

Shows or hides a 'No Fly Zone'. Perfect for those companies with strict requirements on where text can be placed

Toggle on the No Fly Zone to a presentation to ensure organizational layout standards apply and your content has the desired margins around the outside of the slide

Useful in many large companies who set the ratio of white-space in a slide to avoid overwhelming the reader with text and graphics.

Customize to your own organization's standards in Settings > No Fly Zone

Send To Appendix

Send selected slide(s) to the back of the presentation.

If it's the first slide sent to the Appendix in the document, a divider slide will also be added.

The Appendix divider slide will only be created once, no matter how many slides you send to the Appendix


Working in a public space and don't want prying eyes to see who you are working for? The camouflage tool hides the background so it's not so obvious what you're working on.

Camouflage toggle: Set the slide background to a white overlay. Useful for working in public situations where you don't want people to see company logo/color shown on the backgroun

Click again to turn camouflage mode off before you share the deck with others. To undo the camouflage mode on another computer, simply edit the Slide Master to show the background graphics and remove the transparent overlay on the Title and Content slides.

Press Shift when you open a presentation to turn on Camouflage mode and prevent a quick scramble to find the button after it has opened

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