Unique features to manage slide based actions

Send selected slides as PPT or PDF attachment

Opens a new email message, attaches your currently selected slides as an attachment, ready for you to add the recipient and send.

Productivity tip

Send a set of slides by Ctrl-clicking them in the slide selector first


Paste clipboard content as picture of miniature slide(s). Pictures are arranged in an auto-sized Tile layout (or Cascade layout if CTRL-click), based on the number of slides on the clipboard.

Note: When pasting multiple slides, this file's slide design will be used.

Productivity tip

To replace the current selected shape, CTRL-click to overwrite without prompting.

Summary Slide

Create a slide with a summary of your selected page titles, or all of them, to ensure your storyline makes sense. Use as a table of contents or as the basis of an executive summary

Productivity tip

To select all slides, Ctrl-A in the slide selector.

Format Slide Title

Ensures a consistent format of slide titles

Productivity tip

Set your own standards in Settings -> Format Title

No Fly Zone

Shows or hides a 'no-fly zone'. Perfect for those companies with strict requirements on where text can be placed

Productivity tip

Customize to your own standards in Settings -> No Fly Zone

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