Shapes Toolbar

More than 50 of the most frequently used one-click functions

The Shapes Toolbar is a powerful set of tools that speed up shape manipulation

It quickly allows you to add shapes, manipulate their dimensions to match other shapes, and align them. You can quickly rotate shapes, incrementally magnify or shrink shapes, group, ungroup, and change shape margins and line styles.

Same Height, Same Width

Set any shape to the same height, width, or both

Combine with Select Same Size and Select Same Color functions to keep all your shapes scaled proportionately.

Scale shapes

Increase or decrease the selected Shapes by 10%, or use the custom scale to select any value.

If you need to scale a set of shapes, Group them together first to scale the layout consistently.

Swap Positions

Swap the position of two shapes: Vertically or Horizontally.


Align multiple shapes to left, right, top, bottom, middle (horizontally) or center (vertically)

Default behavior for this function is to align to the most extreme positioned shape, as is Office's default. However you can temporarily override and force alignment to a specific shape: select the first shape to align, then the rest, then Ctrl-click the Align buttons to force alignment to that shape.

Set chevrons to the same angle

Sets the angles of selected chevrons to the exact same angle as the first selected shape.

The first shape must contain an adjustable angle - otherwise it can't work out the angle for the rest of the shape

Select two or more shapes - function will only work when two or more shapes are selected.

Works on more than just a chevron shapes - use it on arrows and pentagons to set their angles as well

Select Same Color, Select Same Size

Select all shapes on your page that are the same color (or same size) as the last shape selected.

If you wish to select multiple colors (or different sizes), continue to add new shapes to the selection by holding down Control key while clicking. Then another click of Select Same Color or Select Same Size will add to the shapes selected using the shape you just selected.

Select Shapes by Attribute

Select shapes matching any attribute of the selected Shape

12 attributes to match on:

  • Shapes: same type, height, width, or shadow attributes
  • Shape colors: fill color, line color or font color
  • Font: font name, size or boldness (i.e. whether bold, not bold or mixed)
  • Text alignment: vertical or horizontal alignment


Equally distribute shapes (vertically or horizontally) so they each have the same space between them

Stack Shapes

Stack shapes together either vertically or horizontally

Squeeze, Expand

Reduce or expand the gaps between each of the selected shapes

Flip 180, Rotate 90

Flip 180 degrees and Rotate 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise

Remember and set position

Position a shape in the same place on separate slides by setting the position, size (and column sizes for tables) of a selected shape or table using Remember Shape Position and then Set Shape Position together.

Works on tables to remember and set identical column widths, too!

Send to back, front

One click access to push a shape to the front or back of a set of shapes

Group, Ungroup, Regroup

One click access to manage a group of shapes

Toggle Line Border

Toggle border or line type between three most common styles - Solid Line, Dash, and Square Dots.

Toggle Margins

Toggle Margins between Normal, None, Narrow and Wide

  1. You can define your own Margin settings within PPT Productivity for each of Normal, Narrow and Wide using the Margins -> Set Margin Defaults
  2. Works on multiple shapes or tables, including a selection of cells within a table

Harvey Balls

Add a standard harvey balls (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) or custom size (e.g. 33% or 92%) to your slide

If one or more harvey balls are selected, instead of adding a new harvey ball, it changes the existing ones

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