Proofing Tools

NEW FEATURES COMING SOON - DUE MAY 2023 PPT Productivity's Proofing Tools features lets you quickly refine your PowerPoint presentation to tidy up formatting, brand alignment and spelling errors.

Check your presentation quickly and choose to review or auto fix any issues identified. You can check selected slides or check your entire PowerPoint presentation.

PPT Productivity's Proofing tools for PowerPoint check for:

  • Color Palette Conformity
  • Bullet style and size
  • Font type and size
  • Multiple slide masters
  • Content outside Slide boundaries
  • Inconsistent spacing
... and more

The Proofing Tools can run the checks and display warnings. You can opt to auto fix, review or ignore.

PPT Productivity's proofing tools make it easy to clean-up PowerPoint presentations! Scroll to read about each of the Proofing tools features.


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