Format Tables

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 180+ time saving features. Format Tables features include shortcuts to create tables from boxes, convert tables to boxes, paste data into a table without the source formatting, auto table size optimizer and more. PPT Productivity lets you format your tables quickly in PowerPoint!

Table Format Painter


Quickly Format the layout of your PowerPoint Tables by copying and pasting the formatting of another PowerPoint Table.

Microsoft doesnt let you save PowerPoint table templates, and the standard format painter only copies table fonts of a selected cell but not the color attributes. This feature is the next best thing to a PowerPoint table template. Copy the formatting of a PowerPoint table, then paste the formatting to another table in the same or a different presentation. The feature copies and applies:

  • Table colors: the feature copies and pastes table colors including any header, footer, first or last column color variations

  • Table fonts: table fonts are applied to the destination table

Simply select the Table to be copied and click the Table Format Painter feature to copy it. Next click the target table to apply the formatting. The target table will update to apply the copied table formatting.

Productivity Tip

Check out PPT Productivity's Copy Paste Formatting feature for quickly applying formats like shape size, position and more


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