Format Text

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 100+ time saving features. Format Text features let you quickly:

  • Add ticks (check marks) or cross bullet points to text
  • Toggle between 5 different text cases
  • Toggle word wrapping on or off
  • Convert text to superscript
  • And more!

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Ticks and Crosses bullets

PPT Productivity lets you quickly add green tick (aka check mark) or red cross format bullet points to text, selected shapes or to multiple cells within a table.

Perfect for adding emphasis to the points in your slide, this feature provides fast access to ticks (check marks) and crosses.

Standard PowerPoint includes ticks as a bullet option; however you need to change the color each time you apply the tick bullet as by default standard PowerPoint applies your templates' standard bullet point color.

Productivity Tip

The ticks/ check marks and crosses are applied as a bullet point. If you simply need a green tick/ check mark or red cross icon on your slide, you can use a text box, insert a space, and apply the tick or cross


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