Edit Shapes

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 100+ time saving features. Edit Shapes features let you quickly make shapes shape height and width and copy / paste an object location to 'hammer' it into the same place on multiple slides. Plus resizing features and more.

View RGB color values

View RGB color values on the Color Palette Toolbar

This feature was created with accessibility in mind. People with color vision deficiency can find it hard to distinguish between some colors in PowerPoint and anyone working with close color variants in a presentation will find it more challenging

to distinguish between similar colors. When you mouseover any color on the Color toolbar, a tooltip will display the color name and RGB values.

Productivity Tip

For colors in your presentations' theme, the RGB mouseover tip will also indicate which theme color setting the color has been set to (for example Theme Accent 3). This makes it easy to update your theme to adjust for which color is used in each accent.


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