Agenda Wizard

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 180+ time saving features. The Agenda Wizard feature makes it easy to create and update an agenda slide in powerpoint presentations.

Choose from repeating agenda slides or a main agenda with divider slides. Add numbering and create a table of contents slide using the Agenda feature for PowerPoint. Hyperlink from your agenda slide to each section. PPT Productivity lets you make your PowerPoint agenda slides quickly.

The Wizard provides agenda slide templates, table of contents slide templates and divider slide templates for you to choose from. Or you can create your own agenda slide template or table of contents template for PowerPoint and save it for easy reuse.

Import Agenda Items

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  • PPT Productivity's Agenda Wizard makes it easy to add Agenda slides to your PowerPoint presentation. You can import the Agenda content and quickly create your Agenda, or key in the Agenda items.

    PPT Productivity's Agenda Wizard lets you import your Agenda items from a number of sources to quickly create your Agenda. You can import from:

    • An existing slide: if you've planned the storyline for your deck on a slide and want to convert it to agenda and divider slides, simply import the slide to the Agenda Wizard
    • Clipboard saved text: Perhaps someone emailed you the meeting agenda? Copy text from email or any other application and import using the Agenda Wizard
    • PowerPoint Section Names: If your document uses PowerPoint sections and you have already named each section, the Agenda Wizard can import PowerPoint section names
    • Slide titles: If you're adding an Agenda slide to an existing presentation, you can import Slide Titles to create your agenda
    Simply select to Import Source in the Agenda Wizard, choose your source from the list and click ok. Your imported Agenda items will display in the Wizard. Note that you can update/ customize the text before finalizing.

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