Add Stamps - Draft, WIP, Confidential, etc

Add configurable stamps to one or many slides

Add Stamps - Draft, WIP, Confidential

Stamps, or stickers as some might call them, are added to slides to denote or alert to slide status. As they are temporary by design, they can all de be deleted with one click before the slides are published or shared with your team. To denote specific slides with a stamp such as Work in Progress with a WIP stamp, or to quickly mark every slide in your presentation as Confidential before finalizing, select all slides (Ctrl+A) and clicking the Confidential Stamp.

Clicking each stamp buttons toggles the stamp on and off. You can remove all stamps in a presentation once final review is complete with the remove stamps button or shortcut

You can easily share your stamp configurations with colleagues via email, or your company’s IT team can provide a stamp configuration via a central deployment for team or company roll-out

To add more permanent items such as watermarks, copyright notices, etc to one or many slides, use the Shape Gallery to save and apply more complex shapes and formatting

Stamps are easily customized to suit your company standards or personal preferences. Ctrl+click the stamp button to configure the words, language, colors, and position on the slide.

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