Gallery Toolbar

Your permanent, searchable slide library for your personal and organization shapes

The Gallery is a convenient image and slide library, allowing you to save, find and paste common shapes and slides with one click.

The Gallery is great for individuals, but even better for teams: consolidate and standardize images such as company logos and framework slides, and share galleries with others. You can also set up multiple shared galleries, and switch between them (for example for working on separate projects or clients)

Three sources of galleries combine in a simple search interface to find exactly what you're after

  1. Personal Galleries allow you to collect your own favorite set of shapes and slides
  2. Corporate Galleries allow colleagues to share common layouts and styles across the organization
  3. galleries provide thousands of common shapes and slides for anyone to reuse

You can use one or many of these gallery sources. All combine in a quickly searchable gallery toolbar to help you quickly find any item with ease

Download thousands of common shapes, layouts, charts, maps and flags

Get started quickly with our prepopulated Galleries containing thousands of common shapes and slides.

2000 gallery items from 40 new Shape and Slide Gallery libraries including flags, maps, arrows, circles, pyramids, flows, charts, slide layouts, stamps, chevrons, tables, text elements and much more

Notifications for new gallery items

We are constantly updating our galleries with new shapes and slides.

When new or updated galleries are available, a notification icon will appear on the Gallery toolbar.

Click the notification icon to select some or all of the galleries to download.

This feature can be turned on or off from Help > Settings > Gallery - PPT Productivity and select "Notify when new or updated Galleries are available"

Save shapes, slides, tables, images and more to your Personal Gallery

Any shape or slide can be added to your Personal gallery. Choose a name for each when saving and select a thumbnail representation of the shape which will display for easy search and selection

Galleries can be searched by name or by reviewing the thumbnail images, so use as many words as you wish. Gallery item names don't need to be unique – it's your choice

Once you've found the shape you want to use, simply click on the thumbnail. If it was saved as a Shape, it will be added to your current selected slide. If it was saved as a Slide, it will be inserted as a new slide.

You can add a Gallery Shape to more than one slide at a time - just select all the slides you need in the thumbnail view to the left of your slide and then click on the gallery item to paste

Search Gallery items

Quickly search for specific shapes in your downloaded Galleries - whether it's from a personal gallery, corporate gallery, or a gallery.

Fast and effective search lets you search thousands of gallery items. As you start typing, the Gallery list will auto filter to show matching thumbnails

Case, punctuation and spacing are ignored. Search for textbox will also find gallery items with text box.

Words can appear in any order in the search filter. Searching for right two with also find Two column transition - right.

To find an exact text match, add double quotes to the filter.

To make search even faster, unselect galleries you don't want or infrequently need using the 'Select Galleries...' button on the Gallery toolbar. For example, flags or maps. Unselecting does not delete - you can add unselected galleries back using the "Select Galleries..." button at any time.

Search Gallery using keyboard shortcuts

Press Ctrl+Alt+F to navigate from your presentation into the Gallery filter search field.

Type your search term, then press Tab to navigate into the results list

Use the arrow keys to navigate to your desired shape, and press Enter to paste it to the slide.

Rename and Delete Gallery items

You can rename or delete shapes from any Gallery - whether it's a personal gallery, corporate gallery, or gallery.

Note: Any shapes or slides you have updated or deleted from galleries that are set to regularly download from the corporate or pptproductivity galleries will be overwritten when updates to those galleries are made.

To permanently keep the changes you have made to a Corporate Gallery or gallery downloaded from PPT Productivity, open the gallery from C:\Users\Public\Documents\PPT Productivity, and copy the gallery folder.

The new gallery folder name will become the new gallery name when you search for it in the toolbar using ‘Select Galleries’. Alternatively – save individual shapes to your personal gallery. Personal gallery files are controlled by you and do not get updated automatically.

Export your Personal Gallery to create a new gallery

Share your personal Gallery others or organize your shapes and slides into seperate galleries by exporting your Personal Gallery.

From the Gallery toolbar "Actions..." menu click "Export Personal Gallery to a new gallery...".

Create and select a new gallery folder in C:\Users\Public\Documents\PPT Productivity. The name of the folder becomes the gallery name

The new gallery can now be used seperately, or shared with colleagues as a corporate gallery.

Import a presentation to create a new Gallery

Created a great slide deck and want to save/import all slides to your gallery? Rather than save slides individually, use our import capability to bulk import all slides/shapes from a presentation.

Open the presentation you want to import and from the Gallery toolbar "Actions..." menu click "Save current presentation as a new gallery...

The Gallery name will by default be the name of the presentation, or the title of the first slide if the presentation has not been saved (you can change the gallery name at any point by editing the relevant gallery folder name in C:\Users\Public\Documents\PPT Productivity)

You will then be prompted for the name and thumbnail to represent each slide. By default, the name will prepopulate with text from the slide in the following order: Any text in the Notes field, any text found in the slide Title, any text found in a shape on the slide (in the order added to the slide)

Next select whether to save as Shapes, or save as a Slide, and select the preferred thumbnail from the options displayed. Repeat for each slide.

To bulk import all slides using prepopulated text and default thumbnail type, tick "Bulk import remaining" option. This will bulk save all Shapes/ Slides without a prompt. This works best if you first nominate a slide/ shape name in the presenter notes of each slide, or if that's missing, the slide title. If a slide is found without any text to use as a name, it will pause and prompt you to enter a name before continuing the bulk import.

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