Corporate Gallery

Your permanent, searchable slide library to share and reuse your organization's shapes

The Corporate Gallery allows you to consolidate and standardize your images such as company logos and framework slides and share galleries with others.

You can set up multiple shared galleries and switch between them (for example when working on separate projects or for different clients). Auto sync allows you to publish to a single central location (internal or cloud shared drive) and auto-distribute updates to all users.

Download multiple shape galleries to use a different look and feel for each client or business unit

Create multiple galleries and upload them to a central repository. Your teams can auto-sync all galleries to allow you to manage all content from a single location.

Set or change the location of the galleries to synchronize

Each PPT Productivity user can configure their Gallery to replicate on a regular basis: (Navigate to Settings > Gallery – Corporate on the toolbar, and enter the folder location for the Corporate Galleries).

All subfolders will then replicate on a regular basis, so updates are always available to your team. All team members seeking to use the Corporate Galleries need to configure these settings in their PPT Productivity toolbar settings.

Synchronize your galleries to Dropbox/Box/OneDrive folder

If you have a shared internal drive (for example named as G:\, \\servername\sharename\folderpath, or similar) or a local storage from your local computer via a cloud drive (e.g. Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc), you can also use this as a central distribution for your galleries.

Upload one or multiple folders from your local gallery folder to your distribution point on your cloud storage provider or internal shared drive. Users can then auto-sync these files.

Productivity tip

Your corporate gallery needs to be stored in a location that all users have access to and your team members will also need PPT Productivity Power Tools licenses to use the gallery.

Update the central gallery to automatically share with your team or organization

Each gallery is saved as a standard PowerPoint presentation (eg corporategallery.pptx). When you add shapes or slides from within the Gallery toolbar, the changes are only made to your local version of the gallery. To update the Corporate master gallery you need to make the changes to the .pptx file.

To do this – you open the .pptx gallery file from its location, make the required changes, and Save. If you update a local instance of the document remember to upload your changed version back to the central location.

To add one or more slides to an existing gallery, open the file from C:\Users\Public\Documents\PPT Productivity\YOURGALLERYNAME\corporategallery.pptx

Make required changes to the file and Save. You will be prompted to enter the new Gallery information for each new slide.

To delete a gallery item, just delete the slide as you normally would.

To change the gallery item name of an existing slide, close the presentation and edit it from the side Gallery toolbar by right-clicking on the gallery item and pressing Rename.

Productivity tip

When adding a new slide, avoid using "Duplicate Slide" as you won't be prompted for the new slide information. Instead select "inset new slide" and copy any existing shapes or add new shapes

Create a corporate gallery from an existing presentation

Found a great slide deck from a team presentation and want to save/import all slides to your gallery? Rather than save slides individually, you can use our import capability to bulk import all slides/ shapes from a presentation.

Open the presentation you want to import and in the Gallery toolbar "Actions..." menu click "Save current presentation as a new gallery...". Hint: delete any unwanted slides or text in the slides and any presenter notes on slides before this step.

The name of the presentation is defaulted as the Gallery name. You can change this gallery name now, or at any time in the future by changing the gallery directory name in C:\Users\Public\Documents\PPT Productivity

You will be prompted to name and select the icon to represent each slide. By default the name prepopulates with text from the slide, in the following order: Any text found in the Notes field, or any text in the slide Title, or any text in a shape (in the order they were added to the slide)

Next select whether you want to save all the Shapes, or add as a whole Slide, and the corresponding icon options available. Repeat for each slide.

Productivity tip

To bulk import all slides using prepopulated text and default icon type, tick "Bulk import remaining" option. This will bulk save each Shape/ Slide without a prompt. This works best if you nominate a slide/ shape name in the presented notes of each slide. if a slide is found without any text to use as a name, it will pause and prompt you to enter a name before continuing the bulk import.

Share your Personal Gallery with a colleague

If you've created a great set of gallery items, you can share them with selected colleagues or your entire team.

Any Shape or Slide you've added to the gallery is saved by default into your Personal gallery.

You can share this gallery with your team via email. In the Gallery Toolbar, on the "Actions..." menu, click "Share Personal Gallery via email..."

Your personal gallery will be attached to a new email with all the instructions your colleagues or team need to add as a new Gallery

Productivity tip

Sharing a personal gallery doesn’t ‘over write’ or replace the recipients personal gallery. The shared gallery is exported with instructions so it can be saved by the recipient as a new gallery.

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