Looking for a Consulting PowerPoint Toolbar?

By | December 19, 2018

We created PPT Productivity Toolbars to make our lives easier because as consultants, we wanted time saving shortcuts to make it faster to create and ‘polish’ slides.  We also knew that making it easy to reuse slides and frameworks would save a lot of time!!  Our team came out of management consulting firms (BCG and Accenture alumni) where PowerPoint presentations are often the primary deliverable we give to a client.  We started sharing the original beta version (many years ago), got great feedback and PPT Productivity was born.  Today we sell our tools to consultants, strategy teams, investment banks, private equity (and more) around the world.  Our team is based in Australia and North America to support all time zones.

Our tools are not only for consultants but they were created with frequent PowerPoint users in mind.  So if that sounds like you, download the free trial today and check it out for yourself (no credit card details required for the free trial – we’re not sneaky, we think you’ll love our 100+ saving features if you don’t that’s okay!).  We also welcome any suggestions for new functions or shortcuts.

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