Customizable Shortcut Keys are here!

Customizable Shortcut Keys are here!

Last week we welcomed a new feature to our Power Tools product in response to customer requests.   "Customizable shortcut keys" is a feature that enables you to set custom shortcut keys for 800+ PowerPoint commands.  For those born before the heady days of the internet, yes we're talking about hotkeys ;)

The new shortcut keys feature is already available in our free trial and for new Power Tools purchases.  We will be delivering the release update to existing users over the coming week.

Why Shortcut Keys?

Mouse ninjas may not have noticed it yet, but the fastest way to do high frequency activities in PowerPoint is via shortcut keys (e.g. CTRL + C to cut).  However:

  • Learning Microsoft's default shortcut keys takes time as they are often not intuitive (e.g. inserting a picture is ALT+N,P)
  • Not all commands have shortcut keys assigned
Our new feature means you can choose what you want your shortcuts to be - for the features in our toolbars and for almost all other PowerPoint commands.  We've got some mini video tutorials if you want to watch it in action. When using PPT Productivity you can mouse-over any PPT Productivity feature to recall what your shortcuts are and print a "cheat sheet" to help you learn your customized keys!

We're loving this new feature - we find intuitive shortcuts really speed up common tasks!  Our founder Scott's personal favorite is to use CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+ (arrow key) to insert a column or a row in a table (e.g. CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+ up arrow = new row above cursor position, CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+ down arrow = add new row below cursor position and side arrows for columns...).

If you haven't yet tried our tools, download a free trial of all our Power Tools features.

If you're an existing customer of Basic Tools or Productivity Tools (and you purchased your license prior to April 23rd 2019), please get in touch and let us know you're interested in trying the shortcut key feature.  We will give you a free upgrade for the remainder of your current subscription.  Existing Power Tools users will be upgraded over the coming week (if you are on a team license this may take longer if your company's IT team manage updates centrally).

Reach out if you have any questions and please let us know what you think - we're always keen to get feedback (and we're happy to add suggestions to our road-map)!  Email us at

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