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What is a PowerPoint Add-in?

Thanks for visiting!  We’ve received a few inquiries from customers recently seeking to understand what our tools are so we thought it would be helpful to answer some common questions about “what” our tools are: What is a PowerPoint Add-in? PPT Productivity is a PowerPoint Add-in. An add-in is a way to extend the functionality of […]

Did you know PowerPoint 365 has maps?

We’re busily working on some free galleries that we will make available on the website soon (e.g. Common slide layouts, Flags, Maps).  We were pleasantly surprised to recently find ‘maps’ in PowerPoint 365.  Hidden away in the ‘charts’ section of standard PowerPoint is a world map, linked back to Excel for some neat customizing.  It’s […]

Great article on creating an engaging PowerPoint Presentation

The ‘Psychotactics’ website has been recommended to us by an associate and it’s a very interesting read!  This article in particular grabbed my attention – an excellent overview of the key considerations in the ‘storyline’ side of creating great PowerPoint presentations. Can your Powerpoint Presentation Rival TV Advertising?