Monthly Archives: July 2015

July 2015 Release Notes – New features and adjustable sidebars

Version 2.2.37 released on 26 July 2015
 – Adjustable width of Shape Tools Taskpane – Can be set in the Settings
 – Change drop down for vertical Text alignment to one click rather than drop down with two clicks
 – Removed corporate gallery samples from installer and moved them to live update from Taskpane
 – Added the ticks/crosses config tab back, and allow a user to select any font, size, color bullet they want
 – Removed Mail merge function as not compatible with NetOffice
 – Click ‘x’ on taskpanes fixed so it remembers the setting when PPT restarts
 – Gallery shapes area now shows relative to other buttons so the filter for personal is not shown on top of the gallery in 2013